Berner Street - the CD about jack the Ripper - win $$$ by solving the Puzzle



Hmmm... so you think you are clever you little man. You have absolutely no understanding
of the things you are getting in to. At this point I don't want to dissuade you, but I have
many souls dying to meet me.

The vultures are flying overhead if you can see them there - look close my friend, then you
will see the light of Lucifer as laid down my my forebears and written in time immemorial for
ever. Dare to step beyond this realm and ye shall see the wroth of Lucifer, ye shall go in to
the darkness that is outside my realm.

But I suppose you knew that anyway. Lou will tell you that it is good to follow the light as
many others have done so. If you wander away then you will never find me - I am the light.

When I was back in the streets I remember getting information from the super, he told me the
truth of what was to be and I acted as I should.

Nevermore shall I be followed by these heathens because they cant find me - I am one - but
which one? The answers to your tasks are often staring you in your face - and you cant
see further than the end of your own nose - well me hearties, it is nearly the time for you
to disclose what you know about me. I know that you will likely fail the task given to you
earlier in time because as you read this I can see in to your head - you have little chance
of ever finding the secret as laid out by Mckenzie/Bruce.

Bide my time and I will make you regret you were born.

Jack the Ripper