Berner Street - the CD that is about jack the Ripper



The Plot - Don't lose it... or I'll be back...

I go back a long way. Before you were born.  I have told many that evil is always present
on the earth and sometimes evil makes itself known - in this case with me.

I have had a long bloodline going back to times much earlier and as you might know, my type
don't usually live past 40 or so. Needless to say, I really needed to leave my mark.

Some say that I killed 2 or 3 and others say 6 or 7 - some even more... but one thing
is for certain - I really did leave my mark on the world in the form of a most heinous
crime - the Whitechapel Murders of London, England.

Berner Street was a crime scene, but now it's a CD of music that can offer you clues to the
puzzle of Jack - clues to solve the mystery by creating a solution from the clues within the
music and words of the Berner Street Album written by Mckenzie/Bruce and released in
April 2008.

There are so many 'experts' who all know about me and my dastardly deeds that it's a real
wonder why no one has solved the mystery and solved this to date. If you are one such
person, then by the words of the devil himself, you have a massive task ahead of you with
this competition.

If you are not an expert, fear not, because all is revealed on the CD. It is all there for your
taking and you could win the $10,000.00 Dollar (£5000.00) prize if you solve it.

Take up the plot in time immemorial, when there were little writings to read and now at
this late stage in time you have to be careful how we are influenced by history and all of the
trappings that go with it. Suffice to say..... History Lies....   so find me now....  if you dare!

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