Berner Street - the CD that is all about jack the Ripper




It will take skill, knowledge gained from the music by way of clues and by using your own judgment, you CAN solve the 'Jack the Ripper' puzzle from the Berner Street CD.

There is no question that this contest is not a simple thing to solve, and it is likely that many will give up early after buying the CD, but that does not really matter - you bought the CD for the music right?

The answer to the puzzle is completely off the record - or in this case the CD - but remember - everything is not always what it seems and history lies. Spend time LISTENING over and over to the music and the clues will eventually be found.

Ultimately you will compose a solution from the clues found from within the music, and
enter your solution at                                                  


We took two years developing the Berner Street album so the
clues are always going to be in the music, the website, the
history, the fabric of the underlying evil and yes - even in
the good - because ultimately good triumphs over evil.

Take the CD and listen to the music - it is crafted to be
good MUSIC with many styles within.

But when all is said and done - take heed and listen to Jack.     

The history of jack the Ripper, while important, cannot
alone solve the puzzle posed on the CD. Knowledge can
only begot from clues and other information gleaned from
the actual contents as supplied.

Remember you don't have to buy anything to enter the
contest - we will supply you a free entry pass code but it
may be difficult to solve without the CD.