From the start back in 2005 - the 'Berner Street' album was going to be different
anything ever produced worldwide - in the shape of a music album. This is the first album in the
world where the music on the CD is actually only one reason for buying it in the first place - the
second reason is that buried in the music are clues to solve the 'Jack the Ripper' murder mystery
puzzle from London, England with our unique solution.

It's not just all about being an expert
on the 'Jack the Ripper' case - you can win with little 
knowledge about the original case (other than the clues within the music), and what's more,
the so called 'experts' hardly have any advantage where solving this puzzle is concerned - so
you have a great chance of pitting your wits against the experts. But Skill is important as is
knowledge, but most of all judgment by the entrant.

All you have to do is to listen to the album, read the CD cover front to back, then
determine the solution
, which is derived from what you have heard and seen yourself -
the answer is in the form of a puzzle, which is made up from the CD contents.

This album has been brought to the world market by Bigdan Records Inc. Ltd and
'completelyofftherecord' (the Bigdan Publishing company). Bigdan Records Inc. is based in
the UK and is owned and operated by the authors and developers of the 'Berner Street'
album - so in many ways, when you buy this album, you are contributing directly to the
original artists who appear on the album. 

Please note that you can get a free entry code by clicking HERE. This will enable you to enter
a once only code and your solution to see if you have won. Use of the CD is strongly
recommended. You can also obtain a code by post if you supply your name, address, and
confirm your age. There is ONE free entry per household. Check our terms and conditions
and privacy policy before either asking for a code or entering the contest on our website.