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Welcome to the Berner Street Shop - here you can buy this ground breaking new album 'Berner Street' by Mckenzie/Bruce

'Berner Street' was not just another music album - from the original concept of the idea by Tony Mckenzie, to the completion of the music, the content, the development of the concept through to the final product for sale, this was always going to be a very different type of CD and plot that no one had seen before. The music turned out to be awesome.

The overall project took over 2 years to complete - and now you have a chance to win $10,000 (£5000.00) for just simply buying this album and solving the 'Jack' the ripper murders (as depicted on the album).

Check this out - Berner Street really is something like you have never seen before - and just think what you could do with the money - new car, college fees, deposit on a house? Literally you could spend the winnings on anything you desire!

The music covers many styles and we are sure you are going to like at least 70-80% if our advance polls of listeners are anything to go by.

Other Albums

The 'Eniac' Album of 2006 from Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce is also available online from this website and there are new works coming online regularly - so check back soon for our next installment in this great new passtime.