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The Jack The Ripper case has been one
of the most difficult crimes in the world
to solve.

Now we've made it easier to find the
answers to this crime - just buy the
CD and get solving NOW!
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          Welcome to a completely new experience that we know you
           will never have been part of. The development of the Berner
           Street album has taken over two years to launch, involving
           a huge amount of Research & Development so that the CD
           could be a 'completely off the record' method of actually
           solving the puzzles from Jack the Ripper case.
          From this page you are now on an adventure like no other
          you have ever experienced and all you need to do to be
          part of it is to simply BUY the BERNER STREET CD and
          solve the crime of the millennium to win $10,000 (£5000.00)

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Jack certainly was an evil guy. He committed many murders
probably some of which have never been attributed to this
serial killer.  Now you can solve the puzzle of Leather Apron Man (Jack) yourself and check online to see if you have won the $10,000 (£5000.00) Cash Prize!

There has never been a problem so immense and so
intriguing in the annals of time and now you can be part of the great solution - click read more to find out how.
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Berner Street Album CoverJack close up and personal when he felt bad

All you have to do is listen carefully to the Berner Street
CD (music and words) to find the answers to the Jack
the Ripper case in the form of a Puzzle.
Just enter your solution at www.checkifiwon.com with the
special code found inside the CD Cover and If you win you
will receive $10,000 (£5000.00). There is only ONE Prize
so get solving without delay read more

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The Audio is 'Tumblety' from the forthcoming album
'Berner Street' by Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce © 2007